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Postage & Packaging.


Unfortunately due to the high P&P Cost's caused by the insurance on fragile (Glass, Ceramic, Pottery and Crystal) and the high number of items being destroyed in transit we regret we can not post any items out.


If you wish to organise the postage of an item, we are quite happy to accommodate this service. We will also help you find the best shipping service.

 (*Disclaimer: this means that if an item is damaged during shipping we take no responsibility and will not refund the item, as well as the full cost of shipping will be for you to pay, and by using this service you agree to these terms within the brackets)  


Being an independent retailer we are able to source artworks from many different independent sellers this means there is no central supplier meaning we are unable to justify the costs of a single item being posted from a supplier direct.

As we continue to update and push forward with this online artwork shop we will keep trying to  find a solution for the Postage & Packaging issue.

Thank You.

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